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Jl.Kelapa Molek XV Blok Fb.9 No.3, Kelapa Dua, Tangerang, Banten 15810

Operational Hours:
10:00 - 20:00 WIB

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Ayam Tenns Sayap
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We believe that the world has plenty of fried chicken—but not enough good fried chicken.

When Tenns started, we had one goal in mind: Create the most Flavorful Nashville Chicken in town. And that’s the same goal we have today. We’re inspired by Authentic Nashville Hot Chicken recipes; we scientifically break them down, understand them, and reimagine them into something new and distinctly Tenns.

Reinvented fried chicken, crafted with love by people who are passionate about what they do. We believe that when you treat people well and make good food, you can only expect good things to happen—and that's exactly what's happened so far!

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Nashville Hot  Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken is our specialty, probably sounds unfamiliar for you, but the people of Nashville, Tennessee have been hooked for decades. This Fiery Chicken is coated with a special blend of spiced, deep-fried and spicy sauce drizzled over the top.


We're going to give you a little history lesson on this delicious dish that originated in Nashville, Tennessee. It all started with a handsome and tall 'Playboy' man named Thornton Prince. One Saturday night, his girlfriend smelled the perfume of another woman and the lipstick marks on her collar. So the next day she decided to take revenge by cooking Prince's favorite food, Fried Chicken. However, Prince did not know that his girlfriend had put a lot of Cayenne Pepper in the chicken to make it spicier. But in fact, this happened not according to the expectations of his lover who actually created a new legend in the city of Nashville, because Prince even liked the food and perfected the recipe from his lover so that in the end he created the first restaurant that sells Nashville Hot Chicken called BBQ Chicken Shack which at this time it had changed its name to the family name, namely Prince's Hot Chicken.


As hot chicken gained popularity over time and spread throughout other parts of Tennessee as well as other states across America (such as Georgia), people began adding their own touches to Prince's original recipe.

Logo Ayam Tenns
Logo Ayam Tenns


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